zebNet Backup for Chrome TNG

zebNet Backup for Chrome TNG

Backup your Google Chrome data

All-in-one backup solution for Google Chrome

zebNet® Backup for Chrome™ TNG is a professional all-in-one backup solution especially designed for Google® Chrome™.

Highlighted features

• Fast and reliable backup and recovery

• Self-restoring backup files

• Backup reserve copies

• Backup to Dropbox and to any FTP server

• Scheduled backups on a regular basis

• Data migration between different computers

• Support for portable editions of Google® Chrome™

• Create a portable edition of Google® Chrome™

To be protected as best as possible, backups can also be stored on Dropbox as well as on any FTP server in the world. Furthermore, Google® Chrome™ must not be closed before backing it up so you can keep on working during the backup.

It's an easy to use, powerful and proven backup application that protects your data as best as possible. Furthermore, it has some great advanced features that are not available on other applications of this kind.

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zebNet Backup for Chrome TNG


zebNet Backup for Chrome TNG

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